Block an office IP address from counting in Google Analytics

Block IP Address in Google Analytics Video Transcription

This is a short video on how to block everyone in your office from counting into your own Google Analytics data. This is to keep your Analytics data clean and reflective of your own customers. The people who work on a website can really distort the analytics if you don’t stop them from counting into the data. Continue reading

What happens on your website during a CRO test

Conversion Rate Optimsation Step by Step Guide Video transcript

Hi, Stephen here from SEOgadget. This is just a short video, one we do occasionally. This one is on conversion rate optimisation. This is something we do for some of our clients, but not all of you. A lot of questions we get at the start of conversion rate optimisation work is how much work is it for the webmaster, what goes on, on the site, the very practical questions. So this is just a quick run-through of that. Continue reading

Wolfram Alpha PRO – first play with new image search feature

Wolfram Alpha Pro Overview Video Transcript

I saw from a post in Webmaster World that my place in Webmaster World that Wolfram Alpha had gone Pro. So I thought I’d jump in quickly and see exactly what that means and what it does. Real interesting. Always loved Wolfram Alpha. Quite like this Go Beyond Text Input bit. You can now search by images and all kinds of various bits and pieces. Continue reading

How to tag or annotate a link or url to track visits in Google Analytics

How to tag a link or URL in Google Analytics Video Transcription

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can track a link, how you can tag a link so that you can measure the number of people that click on that link to come back to your website. In the example you are seeing, I know I’ve sent out an email campaign, and I want know out of all the people who have come to the website, how many people came via the email that I sent out. Continue reading